KISC update 7 – Hiking, hiking and rain

Group B left at 10.30 on Sunday to hike up to the Frundenhutte, a mountain hut 2562m above sea level, for an ice-climbing and glacier workshop.
It was a challenging hike, but worth it for the incredible views of the lake and surrounding scenery. We arrived in good time and had a couple of hours of much needed rest, before being treated to industrial quantities of soup, pasta and mountain brew tea! An early night was had by all, and we were woken up at 4am by a storm raging through our open window, which continued for the rest of the next day. It soon became apparent that weather conditions were too poor for us to go out on the ice, which was a big disappointment to all but couldn’t be helped. However, we had a kit talk from the guides, and then practised crevasse rescue techniques (rather exciting!).
We had a quick lunch before hiking the 10km back to the gondola, and arrived back to camp in time for a much needed tepid shower.





On monday Group A woke up to a very soggy Campsite! We got in to our waterproofs and spilt up into 3 groups. Group 1 went with Marlon to attempt a summit at Gemmipass. The weather was quite poor so the group stopped by lake Daubpnseu. Group 2 took a valley walk to Seldon with Alex. The rain flooded the path in a few places and the group had to do a bit of wading! Group 3 took a bus to Blause and walked back to Kandersteg, lead by Ellie and navigated by Ieaysha and Joel.

All in all, sprits were high despite the miserable weather and we ended the evening with a lovely warm fire and hot chocolate.


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