KISC Update 6 – Hiking, Swimming and lost glasses!

Yesterday (Saturday) we hiked a long way up a steep path to the lake at Oeschinen. Check twitter for the pics! We also had tickets for the Rodelbahn, (or summer sled run) which was really fun.

Today we pioneered a camp sofa and gateway! Some of us also took a cable car back up to Oeschinensee to search for Simon’s lost glasses, which we unfortunately never found. Luckily he has plenty of daily’s and we still managed a swim and an ice cream, before returning, narrowly avoiding the rain.

Meanwhile Group B hiked up to 2,500m to the Frundenhutte where they were fed, watered and had a real bed (yes – a real bed!!) to sleep in. Tomorrow they will learn the art of ice climbing and glacier walking.

Tomorrow Group A are hiking to Blausee, Selden and up to the summit of the Gallihorn in three groups.

Bed at last. Goodnight!





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