KISC Update 8 – Kim’s Story

Today we are off to the city of Bern,which will be, a nice change in the intense last few days we’ve just had.

Everything is soaking.It turns out that our waters proofs aren’t actually waterproof, they lied to us and because of it we suffered, although no one really complained about the our hike yesterday and got through it damn well, even though it was fuelled by fruit tea and overly expensive sandwiches.

We were disappointed we couldn’t visit the glacier yesterday, it was something I was really looking forward to but the 18km hike up the day before was very satisfying, (1500m assent) and we got a cooked meal with duvets, mattresses and pillows; I loved it so much and I slept so well I had like 4 dreams, which was beautiful!

Being in the mountains is really surreal, you’re surrounded by stunning mountains filled with trees, rivers and water falls and you almost forget they’re there. Also at night the stars are so bright, you almost forget what you’re missing out on in London , it properly looks like a join the dots map (best analogy I can think of with Theo, Jay , Alex and Luke chanting “lads on tour” behind me, someone had too much sugar in their cereal I think…)

The rest of the camp should be fun. We’ve settled in now, and people feel much more relaxed, although we do have a few grumpy teenagers on board, so mum and dad, I’m not sorry for when I’ve been grumpy because it was totally justified, but I now know how you feel…although at least I do the washing up properly, I swear, yesterday I was given a pan with scrambled eggs in it, being told it was washed up, like it wasn’t a tiny bit, it covered a good quarter of the pan, who does that?!?!

We also don’t have our MP3’s nor phones which is quite therapeutic although I do miss the rubbish music I like to listen to.


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