Wolves Lane renovation, Part 1 🏗🛶

Three years ago we purchased 8 shiny canoes which we keep at the 16th Wood Green Scout Group’s HQ on Wolves Lane. Our canoes have gone all over the UK and this summer we are taking them to the Ardèche, in France, and to Houens Odde, in Denmark.

Our canoes on tour in Snowdonia

Thanks to the kind-heartedness and flexibility of the good folks down at the 16th Wood Green we’ve been able to expand our collection of boats to include a trailer of kayaks, some stand up paddle boards and even a couple of sea kayaks, and that’s meant that we are now able to provide paddlesports all year round to more Explorers than ever.

The surface there is rough though, with tree roots and broken ground making much of it unsuitable for keeping trailers on.

Wolves Lane before any work

We’ve been planning to resurface it for some time to increase capacity, and we started fundraising in September. This week work began in earnest with Explorers digging away, cutting bushes back, setting fence posts in concrete and carefully measuring up the plot.

Explorers working on the site

As well as contributing towards a major improvement for the Unit the Explorers have also been learning practical skills, like woodwork, or how to mix and pour concrete, but more than anything they’ve learnt the value of honest hard work.

The project will continue next weekend on Saturday morning when a lorry will turn up and pump out all the concrete we could wish for, which will cover the whole area allowing us to safely and easily access our boats. After that we will add the fences, completing stage 1 of the project.

Ready for concrete

Further down the line we plan to add lights and gates to improve security, and looking even further ahead we want to build a roof using corrugated plastic and scaffolding to keep our boats safe from the elements.

You can read about this project, which is partly funded by the Unit’s Future Development Fund, and about how to make a contribution, here: http://www.wildwolfesu.org/development


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