A Scouting Start to 2018

Last weekend we headed up to the Peak District for our annual Winter Camp. We spent two days hiking, abseiling and exploring caves, and a few of our younger Explorers have written about their experiences below:

“The weekend was great!!! We spent two (and a bit) days in Peak District, after about a four hour drive from Scout Park. We arrived on Friday night and after a restful sleep woke up for a busy day of hiking. My group walked a good 15km of hills and mountains, lasting for most of the day. For some of us it was our first time doing proper hiking, and in such a pretty place as well. Sunday mainly consisted of abseiling and a boat ride in an old mine. Overall the weekend was absolutely fantastic and I’d recommend it to everyone!”

– Caroline

Spot the Explorers…

“I had an incredible time on camp! We climbed mountains and I slipped over quite a few times (an embarrassing amount) and fell in the mud. It was very fun. The view was brilliant with glistening fog and unspoilt nature. Hiking was tiring at times but it was definitely worth it. That evening was very hilarious thanks to general WWESU shenanigans, and we watched movies the old fashioned way with a projector. We also collected a tonne of pillows and sleeping bags (cuddle time!!!).

Yep, mud was a recurring theme on this trip!

“The next day, abseiling off the Millers Dale Bridge was both terrifying but very exciting and traveling through old mines in a boat was awesome. We also climbed a nearby hill and attempted to roll down it and run as fast as we could. Basically, the weekend was fantastic!”

– Marsha

Not your average abseiling wall…

“I loved this weekend! It was my first camp with WWESU and I really enjoyed it. The hiking was really fun, even the muddy bits. The views were amazing from the peaks, and the caves on the second day were great, as it was something I wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t joined the Unit. I had a brilliant time and I can’t wait for the next camp!”

– Mia


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