Our Fireworks Display: community-focussed, family-friendly, and fast approaching!

Fireworks night is fast approaching, and with it comes our annual family-friendly Fireworks Display and Bonfire!

In order to make the event as amazing as possible, there is, of course, a lot of work to be done. We started by getting our shiny new leaflets printed, and tried to distribute as many as we could, before this year’s fancy tickets arrived. The first tickets were sold to eager parents and members of the local community alike, on a Wednesday evening before Explorers, and the hope that this could be our biggest display ever came along with them.

Our fancy new hi-vis vests have arrived!

We had our usual night of flyering, with the Explorers putting flyers through letterboxes in the local area, to raise awareness of our event. With more recent weeks has come more physical preparation, and the formation of three new teams to help organise and promote Wild Wolf and our fireworks display. The Creative Team has been painting signs and making sure we have enough glass jars to house all our many tea lights – they make beautiful decorations on our stalls! The Publicity Team have been making sure that the social media side of the event is covered, by tweeting, instagraming and facebooking all the ticket selling (wherever it may be…) and making sure that everyone knows about the event and how great it will be!

This week we’ve been down at Rhodes Avenue Primary School selling tickets

On the tech side of things, our Production Team have been working behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the night: playing with lighting, to make sure that the display will look amazing, planning the video, organising logistics and making sure that all the many many many cables that we are going to need are in order for the big day!

The whole Unit has been getting hands on and working hard in preparation for our biggest event of the year, which is set to be the best one yet!

For more details about the event, including how to buy tickets, see our Fireworks Display page, and to keep up to date on all our preparation, check us out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!


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