A Thousand Amazing Moments. One Video.

11 days

54 people

81.5km of hiking

524 total nights away

1700 individual videos

On the 29th of July, we climbed aboard our coach, ready for the 19 hour drive to Kandersteg International Scout Centre. Last Wednesday, 56 days later, we premiered our summer camp video at our parents’ meeting. Condensed from 1044 minutes of footage into one incredible video, it showcases some of the best moments of our trip, and the audience (parents and Explorers alike) were in fits of laughter throughout. From hiking up a mountain at 5am and chilling in Brigerbad thermal spa, to taking part in the Swiss National Day Parade and going white water rafting, we certainly covered a wide range of activities. To discover some of the amazing adventures we took part in, and experience the trip for yourself, take a look at the video below!



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