Kandersteg Day 5: Berne


On Wednesday, the entire unit hopped in the coach to drive to Bern, Switzerland’s capital city. After a short drive, and some rejuvenating napping, we arrived and quickly set off to explore the city. While some groups took advantage of the various shops, others lazed by the river bank and enjoyed paddling in the refreshing water. We chose to skip out the Swiss Brand museum, and instead visited the town’s enormous mechanical clock, and the bear enclosure (which, of course, prompted a recital of ‘The Bear Necessities’). The weather was scorching, so many layers of sun cream were carefully applied, and we all searched out a park, armed with copious quantities of cheese and other food. Then, naturally, we had the mandatory souvenir shop visits, where we all bought badges for our Scout blankets and postcards to send home. Soon enough, it was time to head back to the coach, and we travelled back to camp, tired but happy.


Once back at camp, we speedily unpacked our bags, and repacked them with swimming costumes and towels: it was time for Kandersteg’s ‘Wet & Wild Pool Party’ at the village swimming pool. Most of our time there was spent filming the perfect video with the GoPro and constructing a human pyramid, which was great until it fell down…


That wasn’t the end of the day, however, because KISC was also hosting an international disco for all the Scouts. Despite the rather questionable music choices, we all enjoyed the evening and boogied until dawn (aka midnight because sleep…)

Carina and Lily


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