Kandersteg Day 4

The Unit climbed from it’s tents this morning for one of the most anticipated days of the camp – high ropes and white water rafting: two of Kandersteg’s best activities.

Phil has go pro addiction and is a slippery fish.

Tragically our group was split down the middle so that activities could be rotated. We arrived at the rafting centre, and found that the first challenge started before we even got on the water: trying to get into soggy wetsuits, shoes, and buoyancy aids. Once we were suited and booted, we piled into the minibuses to be taken to our start point.


We launched the boats, climbed in, pushed off, and that was it: the chaos had begun. We sped down the river, and plunged through the rapids, narrowly avoiding being flung out of the boat. At the end many took the opportunity to dive through a final set of rapids which concluded with a seemingly giant wave, which left explorers at the raging water’s mercy. Fortunately throughout we had a team of amazing instructors to ensure our safety and fun.


Once we had toweled off and eaten lunch, and had an essential snuggle pile, we made our way along to the high ropes course.


After a start fraught with difficulties we all made it on to courses ranging in ability. Some even attempted and conquered the physically and emotionally demanding “Eagle” course.


However, we didn’t go by without a few mishaps along the way. For example one leader who wishes to remain unnamed, found herself stuck six feet down a zip wire before having to be winched out of her dilemma by amused staff and leaders.


All in all both activities went down a treat and left us tired and ready for dinner which was quickly “wolfed” down (do you see what we did there?!)

Thanks for dinner Alex! Tomorrow we are off to Berne – watch this space!

Explorer account of white water rafting

Today we spent an hour paddling down a freezing cold river in soggy wetsuits. It was amazing. Genuinely. Never has the feeling of glacial water running down your neck been so exhilarating.


We awoke to a much appreciated dry tent although that didn’t ease the pain of having to get up an hour earlier than usual. The unit was tragically split in half so that activities could be rotated; While one group did white water rafting the other went to Seilpark (a very, very, very big high ropes course). In order to take part in rafting one had to find someone of a similar size to themselves, a requirement some struggled with. Once we were suited and booted in full wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets we were driven further upstream to start the course, which we soon realised was a lot faster than DofE on the River Severn.


We were savagely abused by the icy water, however the adrenaline made us soon forget about that (plus the wetsuits were kinda helpful…) We sped down the river and plunged through the rapids narrowly avoiding rocks and inevitable death (well perhaps some bruises at least). We also got the chance to swim through the last rapid which involved floating on our backs and being fully submerged in the water, sounds a bit grim but was truthfully amazing.

(SPECIAL GUEST PARAGRAPH FROM LEADER MIKE: Annie got stuck in a tree lol #leaderproblems)




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