Kandersteg Day 2

After the first good night’s sleep, breakfast was served. We then had our first proper flag break of camp followed by a few notices and we had less than an hour to get ourselves ready for the day: a hike up the Gallihorn, a mountain at the head of our valley.


The hike was only 6km, but the height change of 1km (we went straight up in the cable car to the Gastern Valley, which lead to the Gallihorn) made it feel like many eternities. We hiked even further up above the cable car to the Gallihorn. The hike was fun despite the slow pace. A good bit of news was that the thunderstorm weather forecast was totally incorrect. The sun shined all morning and some of the afternoon until 3pm.


At the top we are our lunches and enjoyed the view. Especially of Steve the cloud. We could see our tiny little tents from the top of the mountain.

After we had descended most of the way we washed our faces in the river (Tilly got brain freeze and Zavis did a hair flick so amazing we couldn’t contain ourselves) because it was so hot.

As we were walking back to camp from the river the thunderstorm broke. Back at camp we put up awnings on the tents before eating dinner, before Marley-Bear forced some tired explorers into writing this blog.




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