Kandersteg Day 1

Traffic jams and bad singing, (Dearbhla, Aneesa and Thomas).

Step off the coach in Kandersteg.


Mountains are big AND rocky!

Sorry, how far does Marley-Bear want us to carry the kit?

2 hours worth of erecting tents in the blistering heat.


Marley-Bear ditches explorers for a comfy ride to cable cars in a van.

Thomas was bullied into a position of authority he was not ready for,

I wonder what could go wrong?


Or are we…

20 minutes of 30 explorers trying to read wall maps

Eventually, after a spontaneous hike through the Swiss Alps, we make it to the cable cars.


Shortly after a traumatic (for some) cable car ride and multiple panic attacks, we made it to Oeshinensee.


Explorers take all of 30 seconds to strip and jump into the lake after hiking through random bursts of rain and sunshine.

Splish, splash, splosh.


Next on the agenda: tobogganing down the mountainside.

Whilst some cautiously meandered down the track, others fearlessly flew to the bottom, resulting in a few minor casualties.


After returning to the bottom of the mountain, the explorers trudged through Kandersteg to the bus stop where they eagerly awaited the bus home. Marley-Bear had other plans (involving no bus and a trek back to the campsite).

NOTE FROM MARLON: Aforementioned “trek” was a 1km walk through a perfectly pleasant Swiss village on a mostly flat road.


Explorers take in lovely scenery of snow topped mountains, thatched houses and knee high statues of children dotting the landscape.


Explorers return to the moist campsite and more than tempting, yet chaotic patrol tents.

Sleep deprived Network are forced to write blog (apologies for the lack of humor).



Aneesa, Thomas, Jason, Cameron

Proof read by George and co.

Selective bolding and italics by Oisin.


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