Our DofE Silver Expedition to the Lake District

Early on Tuesday morning we got to scout park, a bit more prepared than we were on the practise and we got all our group kit. We also found out that our team leader Dearbhla was still on holiday and so we would have to organise everything ourselves. Then followed a bloody long journey to the Lake District. We got there only to find out our routes made no sense…. GREEEAT. That meant the next few hours had to be spent re-organising our 3 day expedition somewhere up some hills. That evening Dearbhla arrived and helped us sort it all out.


All was fine and dandy otherwise except the following day we rose early to scramble up a mountain with the leaders at 9:00 in the morning. We walked up to Stickle Tarn in the Langdale Pikes and finished up on Harrison Stickle.


The scramble up Jake’s Rake, by Stickle Tarn

Fun enough but made worse with Amie on our team. This was because Amie’s legs are easily compared to a baby fawn’s. She resembles Bambi on ice and wet rocks on steep hills were terrifying. That day on a whole was bearable because of a lack of rucksacks and Marlon eventually suggested ‘no talking’ so we didn’t get any abuse from Dearbhla and Aneesa. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The view from the top of the Langdale Pikes

Day 1
The first day of our actual expedition started well enough with everyone in good spirits. However Klara, Amie and I fell behind as we were told the route was short and it wasn’t. We decided to pace ourselves as we were aware that we had time to take it slowly. On the other hand Dearbhla and Aneesa were less aware of the casual nature that we preferred to adopt and were storming off ahead at 100 miles an hour, turning back every once in a while to scream ‘hurry the f**k up guys!!!’ The few short hours before lunch were painful for everyone. 



By Windermere on Day 1

After lunch everyone was slightly more optimistic and civil. We arrived at Baysbrown campsite around 6 to have a rushed meal and a loverly shower. 

Day 2
Everyone in slightly dampened spirits after fights the day before followed by a restless night. Positions were similar to the day before. Klara, Amie and I slightly further behind. No fall outs as we all walked up a ‘hill’ (massive mountain). After lunch, a bagel each, Amie, klara and I plugged our shared headphones in and stormed on ahead laughing and singing out of key for the locals, Dearbhla and Aneesa behind us. We arrived in the campsite around 6:30 to have the same meal again and laze around barefoot until the leaders arrived to inquire as to how our day had been. Knackered after the long day we slept early.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The Old Man of Coniston, which we would be climbing tomorrow

Day 3
Tables turned. Amie, Klara and izzy sped on through, miles out at front, stopping a few times to eat and then continue up the Old Man of Coniston. We had been informed by a local gold assessor that he wouldn’t even send a gold team out up that mountain without doubts but we tackled it as though it was a mere mole hill.


Optimism was supplied to the group by Aneesa and Dearbhla in a fit of giggles during the entire walk and two hours later we were nearly at the top. There was a ridge from one mountain which led into a steep climb to the next but still no one stopped. The winds were almost scary and Amie and Klara had to hold one another down to prevent being flown of the top of the cliff like a beach ball caught in a breeze. Annie was waiting for us at the top and assured us that we were on the right mountain.



Summit photo!

We celebrated with selfies and a long walk back down. We arrived in Coniston around 5:00 to drive briskly to a fish and chip shop. Dinner in the park with everyone silent and content as they ate their way through food that could have fed whole families.


The End

By Amie, Klara and Izzy (the ‘snails’ of the team)


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