Gold DofE Team Practice Expedition

This weekend we did some hiking for our DofE Award.

We left Scout Park on Friday evening by minibus journey to the Peak District, it all started with me being harassed by my now ‘de-friended’ companion Patrick. Frequently fingers would wander to inappropriate areas and this ordeal continues to this day. Just £3 a month can save species like Guillermo from the cruel treatment that he faces from Patrick almost every day. Donate today.


Upon arrival in the Peak District, our first challenge was immediately laid upon us. Approximately 2km away from our campsite for that night we were dropped off unnecessarily on a road, which practically led to our destination anyway. With dying head torches we managed to set up camp with a broken tent of which we were given non-compatible parts to fix it with.

So far so good. Our Scouting experience had taught us well, and we made use of our wits and equipment. The next day was initiated at an outrageously early time of 10 o’clock. Some may call us crazy but we like to think of ourselves as dedicated Explorer scouts with a heavy passion for expeditions.


Our hearty breakfast of plain oats without water set us up perfectly for the hike ahead along with typical British weather that unleashed the wrath of the heavens upon us for the rest of the day.

Phrases such as; “I love this 20km walk in the pouring rain” and “I can’t wait for our actual expedition” were frequently heard in our small Gold Duke of Edinburgh team. Our positive mindset gave us great inspiration and motivation to push ahead in our drooling task that lasted at least 8 hours.


The following and last day was met with a gleaming, warm sun that allowed us to dry our gear from the rain yesterday. In a relatively short time-span, our destination was reached in a matter of hours and after a de-brief with Marlon soon enough we were on our way home.


Overall, a brilliantly fun time, however vital life experience has led me to avoid explorers such as Patrick of which I advise all others to do the same. Apart from my mental condition remaining on the brink of breakdown, and a lot of my “waterproof kit” not actually being waterproof, the whole experience was extremely satisfying and a great way to spend a weekend.



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