WWESU Jurassic Coast Camp in Dorset

I think I speak for all 23 Explorers who went when I say that the Half Term camp to Dorset was amazing fun. Despite the cold and occasional rain we managed to squeeze in a day of hiking along the coast, which gave us spectacular views!  

On Saturday we visited Dancing Ledge where we admired the stunning cliffs and for those who were either brave or completely stupid there was swimming in a freezing rock pool. We did a hike a long the coast from Dancing Ledge to Corfe Castle, which was a battle against the wind and steep hills but ending up at the castle meant we could run into the sweet shop opposite the entrance! That evening we went into the near by town called Swanage which we explored briefly then had fish and chips by the sea.

On Sunday we split into two groups. My group went to visit Corfe castle first. We looked around at the ruin and sent a teddy down a zip wire! We stopped for a cup of tea in the little teashop them zoomed off to the beach for power boating! We all got to drive the powerboat through the sea, which was really fun! And as if we hadn’t got wet enough some of us even went for a dip in the campsite’s own swimming lake!

That evening once we were all warm and dry, we had a Patrol cooking competition which was inspired by what we did in Austria, the “Night of the Open Pots”. We had to cook three courses and everyone tasted every one else’s meals. Fox Patrol’s steak and chips were gorgeous, but no match for the bread and butter pudding provided by the Puffins.

That evening we had a campfire, with songs, sketches, poems and a Scout’s Own to mark the last night of camp.

We ended the camp with a trip to Brownsea Island- the birthplace of Scouting. We walked around and Marlon gave a short speech at Baden Powell’s 1907 campsite. Overall it was a very good camp with plenty to do and it wouldn’t have been possible without our Leaders’ organization skills! Thank you to Marlon, Nick, Katie and Chris!

Another camp like this pretty please!

Ellie Wells


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