Fireworks 2022

Thank you to all our friends and family who we invited to this years’ event for coming along and helping to support the unit. We hope that next year we can return to our full size event but for now, have a read about what we got up to! You can also check out our video of the event below.

At 9AM on Saturday the 5th of November, Explorers and Leaders from around North London huddled into Scout Park with bleary eyes. But after a few cups of coffee we were more than ready to take on a busy day of Fireworks prep! Having not been able to do our annual fireworks display for the last two years due to covid, we wanted to make sure we came back with a bang!

Preparations have been going on for weeks prior, but now everyone knew there was a deadline to meet. After the morning briefing all the explorers began work on their assigned tasks. It was all hands on deck! Festoons were strung across the field by our Production Team and Gazebos were set up to keep us dry. Signs were painted and hung up by our Creative Team and the kitchen was hard at work chopping vegetables for lunch! Not to mention Publicity making everyone ‘Say cheese!!’

By lunchtime everyone was ready for some spaghetti and a rest, but set up wasn’t over yet!
With the Yurt up and fires built, we were all ready for the early sunset at 4.30 as our fairy lights lit up the site! As soon as sunlight faded, everything was suddenly transformed and seemed so magical, perfect for the marshmallows and singing around the fire to come!

At 5.30 the gates opened to all our friends and family, ready for a night of fun! After our guests checked in at the main gate, they walk up the decorated path, towards the music and laughter!

After hours of soaking in the atmosphere we all gathered to watch the spectacular fireworks.

“It’s so heartwarming to see all the guests faces being lit up in awe, especially for us Explorers, who could relish in a job well done”

– Esme (Explorer)

The window after everyone had left Scout park involved taking damp gazebos down and putting out all the crackling fires. After a long day of hard-work, we had our final briefing where we got to watch the finished video of the whole day, produced by our Publicity team the same day!

Soon, all of us arrived home, warm and proud of our achievements, ready for years to come! We hope to see you there next time!


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