Vaccine Volunteers

Towards the very end of this year, with the exciting news of a vaccine being rolled out, one of the biggest logistical tasks of the pandemic so far became worryingly apparent. The actual process of vaccinating the highest-priority groups in our local area was going to require an innovative approach.

When NHS Primary Care Haringey requested volunteers from the local community to assist with driving vulnerable people to COVID-19 vaccine sites, we were keen to pitch in to support the effort. Dan, one of our leaders, volunteered his time and car to help ferry people who are unable to make their own way there – ensuring that the most vulnerable people are able to get access to the vaccine.

Dan, the impromptu taxi man!

After having lived in the same area his whole life, Dan said: “It was a privilege to assist the community that had given me so much. All across Haringey, people are stepping up in order to provide further support to our NHS. They have already done so much to keep communities all across the country safe and healthy, especially in such challenging times.”

It was clear many others felt the same way – the sheer volume of community effort meant that there was a large fleet of volunteers and ample transport available. Overall, the vaccine support effort for the most vulnerable people, has been a great success so far.


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