BEHIND THE SCENES: Fireworks 2019

Three weeks ago we welcomed over 3,000 people to Scout Park for our annual community Fireworks Display, which helps raise money for the Unit’s hardship fund and other projects. However, this volunteer-run event is only made possible due to a huge amount of hard work and months of organisation (yep, planning for Fireworks 2020 is already well underway…). All this work culminates in the actual Fireworks weekend, when we stay at Scout Park and work from Friday through Sunday to put up and take down the event.

We’ve made a short video to give you a taste of the work that goes into our display, featuring many of the 300 volunteers who gave up their time for 2019’s event. This includes parents, Leaders, and the Unit’s specialised Publicity, Production, Creative, and Entertainment Teams – check it out below to get a glimpse behind the scenes of the Wild Wolf ESU Fireworks Display!

And to all our volunteers: thank you so much. We really couldn’t do it without you.


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