FIREWORKS 2019: One month to go

It’s that time of year again! Our 11th annual Fireworks Display is only a month away: on Saturday 2nd of November over 4000 people from across North London (and beyond!) will be stepping through the gates of our community family-friendly fireworks display.

But with just four weeks to go until the entirely volunteer-led display, the amount of work and preparation needed from everyone is increasing dramatically! All Explorers, Leaders, and parents are doing their part to ensure the event goes smoothly, be it ticket selling, handing out stacks of flyers or doing one of the hundreds of other jobs.

Our specialised teams of Explorers are vital for all the behind the scenes work. A couple of weeks ago we introduced over twenty new Explorers to all the teams so that they know what we get up to and what they could ultimately be a part of too.

The Publicity Team have been and still are furiously Instagramming, Tweeting, Facebooking, filming and blogging everything that’s been going on to ensure the word gets out – anything you’ve seen online is from us! We’ll also be making a video of the actual event, so watch this space…

The Production Team have begun planning all the lighting and sound in preparation for the big day, to make sure the whole park is lit up and that we have music for everyone to enjoy. Similarly, our Creative Team are also doing an amazing job of designing the flyers, painting signs and preparing to cover the park in bunting, fairy lights and candles.

And, of course, our dedicated Leaders are working hard to get ready for the event, whether it’s running the booking system or coordinating with the other Scout stallholders.

This year we have also undertaken a special project: renovating Scout Park’s campfire circle. Over the course of seven days we worked hard on the site, mixing concrete, painting fences, digging holes, and sawing benches. The campfire circle is now completely refurbished, ready for an excellent bonfire at our fireworks display.

With only a month to go until the big day, we hope you’re excited as we are! We’re working really hard to put on an amazing Fireworks Display for our community, and would love to see lots of you there – click the button below to buy your tickets!

As a completely volunteer-run event, the money raised from our Fireworks Display contributes to the Unit’s hardship fund, supporting young people in financial hardship and helping them take part in our activities. You can help support this worthy cause by attending our event! Tickets are available on the gate, or buy online here to save money and skip queues on the day.


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