London to Paris 2019 (Part 1: The British bit…)

This is part 1, check out part two HERE

Also why not watch this little video of the trip!:

This week we are undertaking an epic expedition; we’re cycling to Paris! Cycling is very different to our usual canoeing expeditions and here are some reasons why:

Gram counting counts!
Whilst canoeing, the water kindly carries the weight of your kit, but now our legs are taking that burden. This sad reality triggers some strange behaviour in explorers including chopping toothbrushes in half and emptying soap into the bin.


Hills are a thing 😭
Rivers kindly carve out flat (well, ever so slightly downhill!) highways for us to canoe down, but whilst riding bikes we don’t get this luxury. Instead we labour up steep hills dreaming of the sweeping descents that are soon to come. Save some energy for those hills.

On a bike there is more than one way to go….
In a canoe we are forced to follow the path of the river, often missing beautiful landmarks or nice places to stop. On a bike, we are free to explore the maze of asphalt, and occasionally grass, mud and gravel, taking in stunning vistas and drinking lots of coffee.

We have now reached Newhaven, a port near Brighton. Tomorrow we will catch a ferry to Dieppe and begin cycling in France!


Keep your eyes peeled on our social media and the blog for more updates on this mammoth challenge over the next few days!

Watch our video of the expedition HERE:


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