Fireworks 2018 – 10 years in and still going strong…

Watch our video of the 2018 Wild Wolf ESU fireworks HERE:

On Friday the 2nd of November, the Explorers and Leaders of Wild Wolf ESU began to gather at Scout Park, Bounds Green. The reason? The tenth annual Wild Wolf ESU community Fireworks display! With our sights firmly set on making this year’s the best ever, we got to work.

training field

Preparations for Bounds Green’s largest annual event had of course been going on for months already, but now the real hard work began. Friday afternoon and evening mainly consisted of setting up the many gazebos, sorting through mountains of event equipment, and running miles and miles and MILES of cables across Scout Park to keep the site lit for the entire weekend.

After a briefing about the next day and a hearty pasta dinner prepared by our very own catering team, we headed off to bed.


Up bright and early the next morning, we resumed where we left off the night before and continued to set up for the event. Working from 9am until 3pm we made sure that Scout Park looked as good as it could possibly be for the Fireworks display that evening.

At 4pm the gates opened for the Low Noise display, and after enjoying the stalls, atmosphere, music and food on offer our first wave of families and revelers gathered to watch the fireworks! A resounding success and proving to be more popular than ever before, the Low Noise display is a relatively new addition to our event. However it’s uniqueness manages to attract visitors from as far afield as Cambridge and Hertfordshire!



At 5:45, the first wave of visitors were starting to clear out of the park and by 6pm, the second lot of visitors were already pouring into the park to see the Feature display! Two more hours of festivities and fun ensued. At 8pm the Feature display was launched, and after much oooing and ahhing the final crowds departed the park after a ‘thoroughly fantastic event’ as one guest put it!



The work obviously didn’t stop there, from the gates closing until midnight we worked to have the entire site packed down. But on a relaxed Sunday morning, after a much deserved rest, we all returned home proud and happy after what was possibly the best fireworks event we’d put on since the first event 10 years ago. So here’s to 10 more!…



Did you come to fireworks this year? Feel free to fill out this feedback form about the event.

Watch our video of the 2018 Wild Wolf ESU fireworks HERE:


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