Mountain Leader Training

Our Leader John recently spent a week in Snowdonia, brushing up on his skills and training for his Mountain Leader assessment – keep reading to find out how he got on…

As part of WWESU’s ongoing programme of Leader development, last week I headed off to undertake my Mountain Leader training at Plas Y Brenin, the National Mountain Centre in Snowdonia. During the course, I honed my navigation, steep ground, and group management skills, finishing with a 2-day wildcamping expedition to bring all of these elements together.

I’m looking forward to returning next year for the final ML assessment after gaining some more experience in mountainous terrain. Many thanks to Greater London North and Wild Wolf ESU for making this possible.

John’s training has been funded partly by GLN County and WWESU, due to our commitment to Leader training. The more qualified our Leaders are, the more cool adventurous activities we can do!


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