Reach for the stars!: Climbing Permit Assessments

In Explorers we like to do amazing activities, but we need permits to do them and unfortunately there aren’t many of them to go around. Here at Wild Wolf we like youth-led Scouting so a few Explorers (myself included) decided to try and get some permits ourselves.cw7zu7pwgaahfsp

Yesterday Megan, Ross and I (Simpson) ran a climbing session for the 15th Wood Green Scouts, to be assessed for our leadership permits for climbing. We had been training up over the summer at our Unit’s fortnightly climbing club and helping Marlon run sessions in between to get experience.


I’m not going to hold you in suspense – we passed (of course!) and this means we can help run more climbing sessions at Scout Park, helping more young people do the amazing things that we love about Scouting!

– Simpson



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