Kandersteg Day 9: Brigerbad

Day 9 – Brigerbad

We awoke this Sunday morning to heavy hearts at the thought of leaving Kandersteg. However, there was no time for contemplation as we quickly leapt into action, dismantling our camp.

Once the van was packed and sent on its way, we trekked into the village to catch our train, sprinting a little at the end so as not to fall prey to Swiss timetabling and efficiency.

Scouts and public transport is always an interesting mix, and can often end badly, but luckily we were able to make it to Brigerbad spa without disrupting the public too much.

We arrived at the train station at Brig and discovered to our horror there was nearly a whole hour to wait until the next bus which would take us to the thermal spa! However, once Marlon had had a short chat with a local bus driver they pulled out all the stops and laid on a special service for us, effectively being our private chauffeurs, taking us right to the swimming pool doors! You’d never get that in London!

We were given wristbands and checked into the changing rooms and soon we were outside in the blazing sunshine. There were pools everywhere, with bridges and rocks to jump off, and whirlpools and rapids to whoosh you along. The tiring morning was soon forgotten as everyone basked in the sunshine and ate ice creams.

For obvious reasons we didn’t get too many photos at this point – you’ll have to wait of the GoPro footage to be downloaded.

When our time was up we showered and chagend and headed back outside to find the bus had come back for us, perfectly on time! It took us straight back to the station where we  hopped on the train back to Kandersteg. From there we walked over the road to the pizzeria to find Alex had basically booked out the entire restaurant for us! Over the next hour and a half we devoured 63 pizzas so that by the time we got onto the coach we were bursting at the seams!

No sooner had we got on the coach than most people had fallen asleep. It certainly was a busy day!

We’ll be back in London soon, and we are already looking forward to Summer Camp 2017


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