St George’s Day Celebrations

While most people might know Saint George as that guy who killed a dragon, we know him as something different: the patron saint of Scouting. And as last Saturday was St George’s Day, we spent Sunday down at Scout Park, taking part in the celebrations.

We arrived bright and early at 9am, and quickly got to work setting up the main attraction: an Aerial Runway (or, in other words, a pioneerd zip wire). By 11:30, it was up and ready to go. We soon had a long line of eager Cubs and Beavers waiting for a turn. 

Meanwhile, some other Explorers were hard at work managing the candy floss machine and trying to fend off several over-excited Beaver Scouts. After the machine had broken down three times, it finally decided to start working and we were able to begin serving, much to the delight of the Scouts (and a few Leaders!)

Soon, it was time for the Promise Renewal, and members of units from all over the District gathered in one of the fields. After a few awards had been presented we all said our promises, before carrying on with the various activites.

While those on the candy floss stall dealt with a seemingly never-ending queue of excited children, others continued to harness people up for the zip wire.

At 4pm, the candy floss machine finally gave up and overheated, and we decided to call it a day, as the events were ending soon anyway.

After we’d cleaned up the sticky pink sugar that just seemed to get EVERYWHERE, we headed back down to where the Aerial Runway was being held, to find a water pistol had been introduced, and, once the younger Scouts had left, it quickly descended into chaos.

Soon, all of us had had a go on the zipwire, we’d rescued Marlon’s hat from the lake, the water pistol had been used on pretty much everyone, and it was time to start taking down the Runway.


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