A Very British Weekend

There is nothing quite so British as the garden shed, so we must be a very British Unit…. as we now have two! Two big, spacious sheds!

Is it weird to be this excited by sheds? Possibly. But we’re Scouts, and we are. Last weekend saw members of the Unit heading down to Scout Park for some extreme shed-building and kit-sorting. We had kindly been donated a new, larger shed, to replace our smallest one, and it needed building.

Saturday consisted mainly of building the shed, once it had been collected from Southampton, and an added excursion onto the lake for two Explorers. They managed not to fall in, although did get rather muddy…

The day culminated in the burning of the old shed and chargrilled pizzas all round.

Sunday’s volunteers, therefore, arrived to find the shed already up, but there was still a lot to do. After a breakfast of bacon, we got to work getting the new shed in order. We then discovered the beauty of a shed with actual space in it (and of nine boxes of ice cream when unexpectedly found in the freezer…)

The ice cream served us well for lunch, before we moved on to a complete sort out of our other, main, shed. While some people discovered frying pans (alongside Marlon’s hat collection), others checked the best before dates of tins of sardines.

Overall, the weekend was very productive, and we came away from it with a sense of achievement, and, yes, excitement, at the idea of actually having space for all our equipment.

Goodbye to the old shed…
Attempting to sort out the patrol boxes...
Attempting to sort out the patrol boxes…
The final product!
The final product!
Both sheds at the end of a successful weekend

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