On Sunday eight members of Wild Wolf ESU piled into the minibus and headed off to Reigate, Surrey to compete in the “Back 2 The Trenches” mud run. One of the four competitions held year year.

Organising Explorer Thomas Griffiths made sure we were there 90 minutes ahead of time to receive our race numbers and electronic tags. After registration we hid in the bus hearing the rain get harder and harder. 

Twenty minutes before our start time the clouds miraculously cleared and the sun came out and we made our way to the start line. After a quick warm-up courtesy of British Military Fitness we started the race. There was a scrum at the start line but everyone spread out quickly with Tom and Omar at the front. The first obstacles were steep hills, a mud slide and a sheep dip full of stinking mud.

The race continued through the woods up, over and through trees, cargo nets and mud pits, often with barbed wire thrown in for good luck!

Towards the end we had to swim across a lake, and then climb through electric fences – and yes, they definitely were electric. The last obstacle was a set of bonfires to be jumped across before the finish line, burgers and hot chocolate all round.

Later that evening the results came through, with Tom in first place.

Wild Wolf ESU


One thought on “Mudrun

  1. Forgot to mention that explorer Livia made an exciting exit halfway through due to a sprained ankle, and investigated East Surrey hospital while others struggled on

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