Solent Sailing Weekend

This weekend we went sailing on the Solent!

Day One:

Me, Omar and Theo met at 7pm at Bounds Green Station then we went to meet Annie at Cotswold’s in Holborn, then we went to Waterloo and caught the train to Southampton Parkway which is when we got picked up by Ian in his Jag.

When we got to the boat in Hamble we met Marlon and sat dawn and played pigs and chatted. The boat was a 36ft yacht with six bunks. There were two cabins of two beds and one bed in the galley and one at the front of the boat. 


Day Two:

When we got up we made a full English breakfast and went over some knots and what we had to do then we got under way. First we sailed in to Cowes on the Isle of Wight for lunch and had sandwiches. Then we tacked on full sail west towards Yarmouth. The wind was very strong and the boat leaned right over so the handrails were in the water.

In Yarmouth we inflated the boat’s dingy and played around with the 3.5 horsepower engine, then we went to bed.



Day Three:

When we got up we took the powerboat to the shore to go to the loo and brush our teeth then we went and had breakfast. We had to move another yacht that had moored next to us so we could leave. There was no wind on Sunday so we motored back to port. On the way we explored Newtown Creek where there is a large Scout campsite. Further on we stopped half way where we dropped the anchor and dived off the boat. Marlon and Theo swam underneath the boat.

Eventually we arrived back in Hamble and tidied up the boat and jumped in the Jag to the train station and now we are on the train home.






Thanks Ian!

By Oliver Bradshaw


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