The weekend was very eventful. We set of on Friday afternoon just after 5pm. Assuming we would arrive some time that evening, we all set of in high hopes that we would get back in time to cook a nice dinner and get a good sleep. In reality, thanks to HHESU’s @judi_k‘s very #slowdriving (and maybe a bit of traffic), we pulled up at the 1st Bude Scout hut in the early hours of Saturday morning.  

On Saturday morning we got off to a late start thanks to an unnamed person waking up late #judimoan. Marlon then decided to look in the local surf shop to investigate go pro cameras. After ages of looking around the shop and talking to the surf dude guy in the shop, he decided that he didn’t need one. #whatawasteoftime. We arrived a few minutes late for our @ravensurfschool lesson where we met @brynBYRD and Emily (sorry if you wanted to look her up, I don’t have her twitter). After a quick warm up which made us look #verysillyindeed we #hitthewaves, which to our joy/horror were bigger than last year (@judi_k fell off a lot).


After a few hours on the #megawaves we had some well needed butternut squash soup. All warmed up we went for another #surfsesh. By the end everyone (apart from @judi_k) could stand up. After the lesson we came the the conclusion it was necessary to get a quick #selfie with @brynBYRD


Once we were all dried and warmed up again we #hitthetown to play #minigolf, however @judi_k forgot to tell us that the golf club closed at 4pm (by this time it was past 4:30pm). Putting this behind us we had some time to explore the town. Naturally the leaders congregated around the pub, presumably for a soft drink (apple juice by the look of it) whilst the rest of us browsed the local shops looking at vans and buying lottery tickets (now would be a good time to mention that @theohodge won the lottery…)

When we got back to the hut some of us went of two start the fire and some of us started cooking dinner. After @judi_k and @theohodge having to go on a  #spicequest2k13 to Sainsbury’s because @marlon52798 forgot the chilli for the chilli con carne, we sat round the fire and ate our #delishdin. @marlon52798 also didn’t buy any marshmallows to toast on the fire (#whatwashethinking?) so we had to go on another mission, this time a #mellowmish2k13. @marlon52798 then managed to lose the marshmellows (or did @DYesilirmak steal them?) and had a #mellowfit.

Then with the news that @misspeltyoof wouldn’t be having a romantic evening with @ukeyloulou, instead they would be doing #nightnav in separate teams; we decided to do our own little #nightnav so we could feel their pain. We had a refreshing evening swim in the sea and watched a zebra cross the road.

photo (6)

Bude is not well known for its #wildnightlife, however once in a blue moon things get a bit out of hand… It was 3:30am and all the explorers were tucked up in bed dreaming about unicorns and rainbows. Suddenly the #firealarm went off… @jaye38uk quickly shot up, grabbed a fire extinguisher and searched the building for the fire #tryingtobeheroicbutfalling. Meanwhile everyone else was still lying in bed #gettingtheirprioritiesright. After we had clearly established there was no fire we had trouble finding a way to turn the alarms off, we went for the #ripthemoftheceiling technique.

After an eventful evening we got off to another slow start on Sunday morning. @judi_k decided she was going to chicken out of the surfing (she calmed she had some work related thing on #lies). Now we were all pro (not as pro a @theohodge who was talent spotted by the UK surf coach) we did #madtricks on our boards…

photo (2)

Just before setting off back home, @theohodge sneaked in another #selfie with Emily

photo (4)

On the way back @judi_k forgot that minibuses use diesel and if you don’t fill it up it doesn’t work (in Northern Ireland the minibuses obviously run off magic). She was left in the awkward situation of driving at a #economicalspeed to #thefinalcountdown

She didn’t make it…

photo (1)

By @theohodge and other surrounding people on the minibus

And finally a video, courtesy of @DYesilirmak


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