Future Development Fund

At Wild Wolf Explorer Scout Unit we are always aiming for new heights. We know our Explorers stay safe, have fun and develop best when they have a wide range of modern, serviceable equipment at their disposal, along with well-trained instructors and leaders.

It is with great excitement that we are launching our Future Development Fund so that we can continue to achieve these aims.

The fund will exist to raise money for new equipment for the Explorers, renovate our storage and support Explorers in hardship.

The first major project that the Fund will bring to life is the renovation of our trailer storage at Wolves Lane. As well as our minibus the Unit owns four large trailers for our canoes, kayaks and stand up paddleboards. They are currently stored on rough broken ground that is often fly-tipped and is not suitable. See below for details on how to make a contribution to the Fund and what we hope to achieve!


As you can see from these photos our trailer storage at the moment is on rough, muddy, broken ground. Manoeuvring the trailers here causes unnecessary wear and tear on the tow vehicle and trailer and we have recorded two near misses that could have led to serious accidents here. It is also not very secure and this is something we want to improve. We would like to renovate this area so that it is safer, more user-friendly and secure, and so that our trailers and minibus do not struggle on the rough ground.

The images above show our plan for the site, including laying a concrete foundation across the entire area which is 6m wide and 13m long. This will provide storage space for four trailers with room to spare, as well as providing a safe, accessible emergency exit from the adjacent Scout Hall.

The cost of laying a concrete foundation is approximately £2000.

To improve security and demarcate the area that we hire for our trailers we would like to add gates at the front. This would have the added benefit of stopping young children in the vicinity of the Scout Hall from being tempted to climb on the trailers! The cost of adding gates to the concrete foundation is approximately £500.

If we can raise an extra £1500 we could add a corrugated plastic roof to the area, which would keep the UV rays, rain and leaves (and bird droppings!) off of our boats. This would mean the boats and trailers last longer, as they currently spend most of their time sitting outdoors in the elements.


The Unit will be carrying out fundraising in order to help finance this project. However, if you would also like to donate towards WWESU’s Future Development Fund, then we would be very grateful! You can do so by filling out the form below and returning it to one of our Leaders, or to North London Scout District’s Book Keeper, as detailed on the form.

Wild Wolf ESU, as part of North London Scout District, is a registered charity – No. 1156779.